Post-Bulletin Twitter and Facebook accounts


Twitter: PB_News
Facebook: PostBulletin

Brett Boese
Austin reporter
Twitter: PBbboese

Heather J. Carlson
Political reporter
Twitter: PBhcarlson

Mike Dougherty
Local news editor
Twitter: pbmikedougherty

Kay Fate
Regional reporter
Twitter: PBkayfate

Jay Furst
Managing editor
Twitter: PBjfurst

Edie Grossfield
Rochester city/Olmsted County government reporter
Twitter: PBegrossfield

Jeff Hansel
Medical reporter
Twitter: jeffhansel

Ken Hanson
Reporter and Internet content editor
Twitter: PBkenhanson

Kevin Hanson
Internet content editor
Twitter: PBkhanson

Jeff Kiger
Business reporter
Twitter: WheresKiger

Mike Klein
Local news editor
Twitter: pbmklein
Facebook: Mike Klein

Jeff Pieters
Life section editor
Twitter: PBJeffpieters

Heather Rule
Austin reporter
Twitter: PBheatherrule

Brian Sander
Regional news editor
Twitter: PBbsander

Matt Stolle
Education reporter
Twitter: Mattstolle

Christina Killion Valdez
Twitter: pbkillionvaldez
Facebook: Christina Killion Valdez

John Weiss
Regional reporter
Twitter: PBWeiss


Twitter: Sports_PB

Jason Feldman
Sports reporter
Twitter: PBFeldy

Donny Henn
Sports reporter
Twitter: PBDonny

Paul Christian
Sports reporter
Twitter: PBpchristian

Scott Kolb
Sports reporter, Austin
Twitter: PBskolb

Guy Limbeck
Sports reporter
Twitter: PBglimbeck

Ben Pherson
Sports reporter
Twitter: PB_Phersy

Pat Ruff
Sports reporter
Twitter: pbpruff

Craig Swalboski
Sports editor
Twitter: PBcswalboski


Elizabeth Nida
Twitter: PBenida

Scott Jacobson
Twitter: PB_sjacobson

Michele Jokinen
Twitter: PBmjokinen

Germaine Langer Neumann
Photo editor
Twitter: PBgneumann

News Graphics

Rick Dahl
News graphic artist
Twitter: PBRickDahl

Editorial page

Eric Atherton
Senior editorial writer and outdoors editor
Twitter: PBeatherton

Dwight Boyum
Editorial writer
Twitter: PBBoyum

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